Sustainable Food Systems for poverty and hunger alleviation in Low Income Countries

This project has a food systems approach to the study of poverty and malnutrition, as well as related environmental challenges, in low-income countries.

Photos: Dr. Paul Isolo Mukwaya and Dr. Geofrey Gabiri

A food system encompasses all the processes and infrastructure involved in feeding a population and affects everything from food production and associated value chains, nutrition, health to socio-economic development, the environment and the climate. The system, on the other hand, is influenced by social, political, economic, environmental and climatic contexts. The project has two main parts. The first part studies the development of sustainable and inclusive value chains for an organic insecticide for use in the production of cashew nuts in Mozambique. The second part studies the effect of the Corona Pandemic on food security and nutrition (FSN) for refugees and host community members in the Adjumani District in Northern Uganda. It investigates the food security dimensions of food access, food availability, utilization, and agency before and during the pandemic, and analyze the change during the crisis.


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