Ansatte / Forskere / Richard Helliwell

Richard Helliwell

Seniorforsker - PhD (sosiologi og sosialpolitikk)

Richard Helliwell is a senior researcher at Ruralis based in Trondheim, Norway. Richard’s research covers a variety of topics at the interface of environmental, agricultural, science and policy issues. This has included the social and ethical dimensions of plant genome editing, antimicrobial resistance in livestock, animal health and welfare governance, and the implications for rural and agricultural systems of the bioeconomy. He completed his PhD in 2016 at the University of Nottingham. Since arriving at Ruralis in May 2020, he instigated and leads the LIMBO (2020) project on scenario planning for emerging antimicrobial resistance risks in Norwegian livestock farming. In addition, he has co-written and leads the SYNAGRI (2021) project on integrating the bioeconomy with regional food systems. His diverse research activities include work on cellular agriculture (ARRIVAL), social sustainability in Norwegian Agriculture within the green transition (AGRISOCIAL) and animal welfare regulatory compliance (WELFARM).