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Klaus Mittenzwei

Research Professor

Klaus Mittenzwei is a researcher at Ruralis. Mittenzwei graduated in agricultural economics from the University of Bonn in 1993. He received his doctorate from the Department of Economics and Social Sciences, Norwegian School of Agriculture (now NMBU) in 2001 on a dissertation on institutional economics and agricultural policy. Using quantitative model-based tools, Mittenzwei has researched various aspects of Norwegian and international agricultural policy, such as import protection, national support schemes and climate policy instruments. He has published numerous articles in international journals, as well as book chapters, research reports and articles. In 2016, he was the editor-in-chief of the book “Norwegian agricultural policy: A changing room for maneuver” (in Norwegian) published by Fagbokforlaget. Since 1994, he has led many projects. Mittenzwei has been a consultant for the OECD. He is currently involved in research projects on climate policy instruments, bioeconomy and land fragmentation in agriculture.