The aim of SUSFEED is to develop an in-depth understanding of the feed system: how feed can be harvested, produced, processed and distributed to supply the growing and changing needs of Norway’s agri- and aquacultural sectors.

For this, we will apply a systems approach to mapping the domestic feed system and, using a systems model, conduct environmental, social and economic sustainability assessments. SUSFEEDs multi-disciplinary team involves researchers from the social sciences, biology, agronomy, nutrition and technology, working closely with 18 business partners, stakeholders and other interest groups involved in the feed value chain. Our primary output will be a model of the Norwegian feed supply system that maps potential domestic feed ingredients, their potential for industrial up-scaling and sustainability. This will provide the basis for the establishment of a future feed supply system that operates across sectors and incorporates potentially disruptive technologies and innovation the coming decades. The project is at present in process of establishment.

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